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The Legal Beagle is a Brazilian business focused on the design of legal tools and solutions for businesses, lawyers and firms working internationally. Based in Rio de Janeiro, we work with clients based in Brazil and abroad.

Our focus is on enabling our clients through training and business solutions and on helping them to make the best of international opportunities.

What We Do


Custom design of language solutions and training for clients looking to navigate international markets.


Custom Legal Design solutions for clients looking to navigate the international market.

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I highly recommend Julian of The Legal Beagle for his assistance in the review of academic papers and with my professional demands in English. Julian provided me with Legal English support, greatly improving the quality of my consulting services to my foreign clients. Later, he helped me with the revision of essays and other application documents required for admission to MBA programs in Europe. Without his work and commitment, my chances of success would have decreased substantially.

Louis LozouetFrench and Brazilian Attorney, MBA Candidate

Julian’s classes represented a huge asset for me. We discussed a lot of subjects relevant to my LLM program and my future professional options, allowing me to better understand new legal vocabulary that will soon become part of my daily routine. Julian is an easy going instructor. I can recommend him and his classes to everyone. It was a pleasure!

Patrícia DomingosPortuguese and Brazilian Attorney, LLM Candidate

I recommend The Legal Beagle to all who wish to evolve their learning of the English language. I am currently taking the company's Legal English classes and I can say that Julian's knowledge, dedication and interest in contributing to the development of his students sets the classes apart.
He is always focused on bringing new ideas and including materials which are valuable to my area of professional expertise.

Nicole BentesAttorney - Banco BBM

My training with Julian, of The Legal Beagle, had the specific objective of my preparation for a guest lecture that I gave at a North American university. The meetings were fundamental, both for the improvement of my knowledge of the English language, focusing on the enrichment of the legal vocabulary, as well as for the construction and training of the presentation itself. Julian's legal background, as well as him being an excellent native English speaking coach, coupled with his genuine curiosity and involvement in the theme developed during the training, were determining factors for me to feel prepared and ready for the presentation.

Danielle MoreiraLaw Lecturer at PUC - Rio

As the professional legal language program director of the legal practice training institution Lawbility in Zurich, Switzerland, I have known Julian Cornelius, Esq., a distinguished lawyer and qualified legal language trainer, now owner of the Legal Beagle, for several years. I worked with Julian on numerous projects concerning training and education for legal professionals from civil law and non-native English speaking backgrounds. Our mutual projects concern the areas of legal English, assistance with international legal education and qualifications, and legal document editing and proofreading. Julian was highly appreciated by our clients for his professional and efficient services. I recommend Julian highly as a legal professional and educator.

Jean-Luc DelliProfessional Legal Language Program Director Legal Practice Training Institution Lawbility in Zurich, Switzerland

I worked with Julian now owner of the legal Beagle in 2012, when he provided legal English training to me and my team. Always punctual, he provided excellent study material and in a very effective way stimulated us to practice the language in day-to-day legal situations, including legal writing and communication skills (dealing with documents such as e- mails and reports). His classes greatly influenced my improvement of proficiency in that language.

Samir Charles MattarPartner - Mattar Advogados

Julian helped me immensely as expert in legal English, particularly focusing on the revision of academic articles and memos about various areas of law. Julian also helped me with the review and organization of all the necessary documentation for admission as attorney at law to the NY State Bar Association.

Ricardo NunesPartner - Daniel Advogados

I highly recommend The Legal Beagle courses. The classes with a focus on legal English are excellent. I would like to highlight the preparation of my coach Julian, who in addition to excellent knowledge and experience in the area, knows how to combine plain easy to understand English language with required technical legal terms and idiomatic expressions. For me, this makes every difference to facilitate language evolution. The classes explore a range of topics including common law institutions and legal concepts that are foreign to our legal experience in Brazil. Worth the investment!

Marcelo Ortolani LouzadaSupervisor at Tribunal Regional do Trabalho da Primeira Região

Dedicated and instructive teacher, focused on developing his students' learning. The classes are a good opportunity to review the English language, acquire technical vocabulary as well as to learn a little about the legal systems of other countries. Highly recommend!

Laura CostaAttorney - Pinheiro Guimaraes Advogados

I began studying legal English with Julian a month before the Olympics due to a new client who hired my law firm. I quickly resumed everyday English and trained various skills to prepare for situations in which I would be required to assist the client during the Olympic period. The classes were so great that I have have continued with them until now. I strongly recommend. Congratulations on the unique didactics and totally personalized classes!

Camila BouzaAttorney - Licks Attorneys

I worked with Julian and Sam from conception to finalisation of my company’s website. Their professionalism and ability achieved results far beyond my expectations. In such a poor national market of qualified professionals, Julian and Sam are certainly the exception. I definitely recommend them to those who need help in building websites and writing institutional texts.

Andre VenturiniOwner at Venturini IP

“The [Legal Beagle English Negotiators] course was a great experience. It was a nice way to practice English and I believe it will be very useful for future negotiations (in competitions and in real life). I think the content covers the basics for negotiating in English, like what type of sentences should we avoid using and the ones we should use to be better understood. The material has a nice design and is well structured. The cases for the simulations were well made. The course is really interactive, so everyone has a chance to speak and train, which, I believe, is the main objetive of it.”

Law StudentUFRGS Porto Alegre