Over a week has gone by since the newly inaugurated Brazilian negotiation competition – the I Meeting Negociação  –  concluded in Porto Alegre.

As the dust settles and the teams, coaches, mentors, judges and event organisers have all returned home, the event can only be described as an extraordinary educational experience  and a great success. The meeting combined training in negotiation skills (based on the theory of the Harvard Negotiation Project) with simulated negotiation rounds using fictional cases – an approach which proved to be extremely practical and effective for the students.

The competition is based on the model of the International Negotiation Competition (INC), an event that has been held on an annual basis in venues across the world for nearly two decades.

For the first time, the Brazilian event brought together teams from diverse regions across Brazil to negotiate tricky facts patterns against competing teams. The simulated cases contained varied and open content, which allowed for creativity in the students’ approach to the problems presented.
As coach for the Rio de Janeiro team composed of Larissa Galdi and Mariana Bonelli (above, both students at PUC /Rio), I can say that the event exceeded our expectations. It was  incredible to see how the students – armed with the negotiation theory – came up with creative solutions to the problems presented. 
I was further inspired by the collaborative approach used by the students to resolve the disputes. As a lawyer with experience in practice, I could see how much such collaboration is often badly needed in modern day legal practice. 

In the end, our team were proud to be crowned the joint winners of the national competition together with the exceptional team from UNIP/Manuas (in group photo below taken after the teams met in the second round of the competition) and to be chosen jointly to represent Brazil at the International Negotiation Competition that will take place in Cardiff between 26 – 30 May.
We have a lot of work to do, but I have no doubt that the national competition was the best possible start to our road ahead!
Thank you to all our partners and to the event organisers that made our participation possible for us. A special thank you to Jean-Luc Delli at Lawbility for giving us the heads up about the event and Camile Costa for all the hard work in making the competition a reality in Brazil. 
More news from Cardiff! 

(Above, I Meeting Negotiation in the Brazilian national media)
Julian Cornelius

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