Join us from Friday May 29 onwards, when we will be holding a number of online seminars on Effective Communication Skills for Negotiation in English every Friday. A number of the seminars are totally free, so please join us if you can! 🙂

  • Day 1 (8am-9am, May 29) – First Meet Up / Virtual Coffee (Free, introductory event + Q&A, everyone welcome!) 
  • Day 2 (8am-9am, June 5) – Negotiation Theory and Terminology in English (Free, introductory event + Q&A, everyone welcome!) ;
  • Day 3 (8am-9.30am, June 12) – Qualities of an Effective Negotiator – what set of behavioural skills are required? How do cultural factors impact negotiation (Paid session);
  • Day 4 (8am-9am, June 19) – Using Simple, Clear and Precise Language in Negotiations. (Paid session);
  • Day 5 (8am-9.30am, June 26) – Using Language to Control Your Tone in Negotiations. (Paid session);
  • Day 6 (8am-10am, June 29) – Negotiation Workshop, using practical negotiation samples and the Action Reflection Model (Closed session â€“ only students taking part in Meeting de Negociação- This event is on the Monday before the National Rounds of the Meeting National Competition);
  • Day 7 (4pm-5pm, July 3) – Using Your Creativity in Negotiations. (Free, brainstorming event, everyone welcome!) 
  • Day 8 (8am-10am, July 10) – Negotiation Workshop, using practical negotiation samples and the Action Reflection Model (Paid / Closed session – only students taking part in full workshop);

If you commit to the full program of seminars (Days 1-7) you will also receive our Training Manual for International Negotiations in English (40 pages containing useful tips and reading material to accompany the seminars, sample language and phrases, as well as negotiation case studies). We understand that these are tricky times and so we are offering you all these sessions a discounted price of BR$449.

You can register for the full course here:

You can also join us for any individual session (you can get 1 paid session only for BR$90). Just drop us an e-mail and let us know which 1 individual session you wish to attend (more details of each session to follow shortly).

Everyone welcome!

For more information and to sign-up for any of these modules please get in touch with us at

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