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We have worked with law firms across various jurisdictions and industries and therefore understand how much work is involved in adapting to the requirements of international practice.

As qualified international mediators and negotiators, we provide professional services to our clients in the these important areas of ADR. In particular, we specialize in international disputes involving sensitive cultural and language barriers.

We also offer services in law firm marketing and development. These include digital marketing, websites, coaching for international firm rankings, preparation for international events, as well as staff training and the production of high quality English text.

Initially, we will get to know your firm in a free personal interview and learn more about your specific projects. Thereafter, our professional consulting services are completely customizable to your needs.

We understand that the international legal market can be tricky and our goal is to help you focus and give you the best chances of being successful in your chosen strategy(s).

  • Problem solving solutions (Civil and commercial mediation and negotiation for firms requiring services in English).
  • Business marketing and development for firms looking to navagate the international legal market through English (creation of high quality content, web-design services, online templates, brochures and social media strategies).
  • Market engagement solutions (coaching firms for ranking submissions, responding to legal tenders and requests for proposals, preparation for international conferences and events).
  • Firm training solutions (coaching in legal English, staff reviews in English proficiency, lawyer / intern referrals, training in key legal vocabulary and legal writing, contract drafting, presentation, negotiation and client interviewing skills).
  • Legal editing and proofreading (academic articles, documents related to firm’s image and marketing profile).

Projects quoted on an hourly basis / monthly consulting plans available. 

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