As a co-author of the Legal English Manual, Second edition, by Lawbility, I would like to inform our clients and students that the book is now available for order on Amazon and can be shipped to Brazil.

Here is the link. 

The Legal English Manual, Second Edition, provides global lawyers practicing in the English language correct technical legal language and common phrases in 14 legal practice areas. Includes U.S. and U.K. terminology, examples of legal documents, appropriate expressions for practical situations, customizable templates with explanations, and tips for legal writing, including e-mails, correspondence, and legal memoranda.

Julian Cornelius

Author Julian Cornelius

Founder of The Legal Beagle - LLB, LLM, Solicitor (Ireland, England and Wales), Attorney at Law (New York), Accredited Mediator. Julian is a multi-lingual lawyer and a specialist in legal English based in Rio de Janeiro.

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