We provide Legal English classes and seminars for individuals, in-office groups, law students and other business and legal professionals.

Our focus is on comparisons between legal jurisdictions and cultures and the use of essential legal terminology in key practice areas. In addition, we place particular importance on training in practical legal skills such as oral communication, legal writing, contract drafting, presentation, and negotiation. We believe that our students should not only know the English language of the law, but should also gain practice on how to use it in real-life work situations.

Our aim is to take a fresh and practical approach to legal English and skills training and therefore we often employ modern techniques in our classes such as learning through the use of legal text, media, academic articles, film, podcasts etc.

Given that we see each individual customer as unique, we can customize our courses and seminars to your specific requirements.


Our specialist editing work is undertaken by US or UK qualified lawyers with a background in legal English and practical experience and knowledge of the law, ensuring the accuracy and high quality of the legal text.

Our law firm services include the review and editing of English text, including giving assistance with the firms’ marketing profile in English.

We provide editing services to lawyers and law students for the publication of academic articles in English. Our focus is on producing high quality legal English text specifically aimed at your target audience.

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We help legal professionals who wish to work or study overseas. 

Our coaches have specialized experience in assisting lawyers with international law careers (e.g., assisting with the application and interview process for new jobs and obtaining international legal qualifications). 

We help you with the required language skills, provide guidance through the application procedures and provide face-to face mentoring while you are preparing in Brazil.

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