Lawyer and Law Student Services

We have worked with Lawyers and Law students across various jurisdictions and industries (e.g., Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and Oil and Gas), and therefore understand that language needs to adapt to the unique circumstances of your international legal practice.

We provide specialist Legal English coaching for individuals and in-office groups. We focus on jurisdictional comparisons, cultural awareness, key legal terminology, as well as practical legal skills such as oral communication, legal writing, contract drafting, presentation, and negotiation.

We provide specialist editing work (by US / UK qualified lawyers with a background in legal English and practical experience and knowledge of the law), ensuring the accuracy and high quality of the legal text. For example, this work often involves providing editing services to lawyers in the publication of academic articles.

We help our students apply to international university programs (e.g. LLMs, MBAs, PHDs). We do this through profile building, researching university courses, exploring scholarship and funding opportunities and support for structuring the application documents.

We help legal professionals wishing to work in law work overseas. Our coaches have experience in assisting lawyers with starting international law careers (e.g., assisting with the application and interview process for new positions and obtaining international legal qualifications).

We understand that the international legal market can be tricky to navigate and our goal is to help you focus and give you the best chance of being successful in your chosen strategy(s).

  • In person coaching for lawyers in communication skills through Legal English (includes training in legal industry specific vocabulary, and skills in writing, contract drafting, presentation, negotiation and client interviewing).
  • In person coaching for lawyers planning to study abroad (includes university research, advice on the required content, structure and application procedure, language review and advice on scholarships and funding, preparing for required English language exams).
  • Legal editing and proofreading (academic articles, documents related to lawyer’s image and marketing profile).
  • In person coaching for lawyers in international law careers (includes research on legal positions abroad, advice on content and structure of application(s), training for interviews, help with obtaining required training and international qualifications).

Coaching available online or in person.

Projects quoted on an hourly basis / monthly plans available. 

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