Last year, we worked on a web-design project for a new start-up in Intellectual Property, together with our partners web-design company The Creative Donut. Based on the client’s instructions, we started creating content focused on an international audience.

The client Venturini-IP is a modern boutique IP consultancy, based in Rio de Janeiro, handling all aspects of patent work in Brazil. Our goal was to create a modern and fresh looking website that was complimented by simple text.

We asked ourselves: what would an international client be looking for from a start-up in the area of patents and intellectual property and how we could we help set Andre and his team apart?

The answer lies in one word – Communication. Our goal was to create a website that uses simple language and clearly explains our client’s specialist services.

The color palette reflects the branding, which we recreated for the headers of each page. We also chose a video header of turning cogs to represent the scientific and mechanical nature of Venturini IP’s clients.

The underlying criteria for this website was that it was to be modern, attention grabbing and not overly corporate. We felt it should be modern, sleek and highlight the services they provide in a manner that doesn’t overpower the visitor with technical terms.

See for yourself: This was a great project for us working with The Creative Donut. In fact, we have already completed a second website for Andre:




Julian Cornelius

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